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Liftware Steady Starter Kit

Liftware Steady Starter Kit

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Liftware Fork Attachment

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Liftware Spoon Attachment

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It's Smart

The stabilizing handle contains sensors that detect hand motion and a small onboard computer that distinguishes unwanted tremor from the intended movement of the hand. To stabilize the utensil, the computer directs two motors in the handle to move the utensil attachment in the opposite direction of any detected tremor.


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How does Liftware Steady work?

Liftware Steady (previously marketed as “Liftware”) helps to counteract hand tremors and stabilize movement to make it easier to enjoy a meal.  The stabilizing handle contains motion sensors that detect hand motion, and a small onboard computer that distinguishes unwanted hand tremor from the intended movement of the hand. To counteract hand tremor and stabilize the utensil, the onboard computer directs two motors in the handle to move the utensil attachment in the opposite direction of any detected tremor.

How do I turn Liftware Steady on?

We designed Liftware Steady to be simple to use. There is no on-off button as the handle turns on automatically once an attachment is connected. You can then put Steady to sleep by turning it over to rest face-down. Please note that this sleep mode still consumes battery power. To turn Liftware Steady off completely, just remove the attachment (e.g. the spoon attachment or the fork attachment) from the handle.

How do I hold the handle?

The handle is designed so that you can hold it in a variety of positions. Feel free to experiment with your grip to find the most comfortable position. You may also find that certain hand positions work better for you and lead to greater stability with Steady.

Please make sure, however, that you don’t grip the movable attachment (e.g. the spoon attachment or the fork attachment) since that should be allowed to move freely to counteract any tremors.

Where can I purchase Liftware Steady?

In Canada, Liftware is exclusively available here, distributed by For international orders please visit:

What is the warranty period?

What is your return policy?

For Canadian  customers: To return a Liftware product for a refund of the cost of the merchandise, please do the following: 

Contact us by email or call 1-800-387-8520 to request an RMA (return merchandise authorization) within 14 days from when you first received the product as determined by the tracking information.  We will provide instructions on how to return your Liftware product to us.

Return the fully-functional product to us in its original packaging. The return must be postmarked within 7 days of when the RMA was issued. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping the product back to us.

All items returned must have an RMA number. Returns without an RMA number may be returned to the sender. 

Late Returns: If the RMA is requested more than 14 days from receipt of your Liftware product or your Liftware product is returned more than 7 days (postmarked) after the RMA is issued, we will deduct a $150 CAD restocking fee from the refund.

After 30 days from when you first received your Liftware product (as determined by the tracking information), the Liftware product is ineligible for a refund and no RMA will be issued.

Receiving a refund: Once we receive your Liftware product, we’ll inspect it and process a refund within 10 business days to the original form of payment. We will email you when we process the refund, but it might take a few extra days for the credit to appear in your account.

If your Liftware product is returned damaged or has missing parts, BIOS Medical (Thermor) may not accept the return and reserve the right to deny a refund.

Shipping charges are not refundable. If your order was shipped to a destination within Canada, all sales tax will be refunded.

What does the limited warranty cover?

Under this limited warranty, we warrant the product against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for one year from the date of original purchase. This limited warranty only applies to products purchased from and Thermor approved sales channels in Canada.

What doesn’t this limited warranty cover?

This limited warranty does not cover firmware or software defects, normal wear and tear, or damage caused by neglect, misuse, accident, or mistreatment, such as:

- dropping;- immersing the product in liquid;- exposing the product to extreme temperatures; or- product modification or disassembly.

How long does the limited warranty last?

The coverage of this limited warranty lasts for one year from the date of original purchase. 

What will BIOS Medical (Thermor) do to correct problems? 

During the warranty period, if a defect arises in the product, and you follow the instructions for returning it, we will, at our option, either (i) repair the defective product using new or refurbished parts, (ii) replace the defective product with a new or refurbished unit, or (iii) refund the purchase price of the defective product. This limited warranty applies to any repair, replacement part, or replacement unit for the remainder of the original warranty period. All replaced parts and units for which a refund is given will become our property.

What do I need to do to obtain warranty service?

Please contact or call 1-800-387-8520 for instructions about how to return a defective product. Please ensure that you have your sales receipt or other proof of purchase. In order to receive warranty support, you must be located in CANADA.

Is Liftware Steady right for me?

In general, Liftware Steady works most effectively for people with mild to moderate (between 4 and 12 Hz) postural, intentional tremor in the upper limbs. The tremor causes people regularly to spill food while eating, or leads people to bring their heads at least halfway towards their utensil to meet food.

To see if Liftware Steady is right for you, you can download and take this simple test at home. If you don't have a printer, email us and ask us to mail one to your home address. You can also watch videos of people using Liftware Steady. 

Note that Steady provides limited benefit to:

- People with intermittent tremor.- People with severe tremor, large-amplitude tremor (above 12Hz) or dystonia.- People whose hand tremor does not interfere with eating, or who spill only rarely when using utensils to bring food to their mouth (typically tremors below 4 Hz).

The amount of benefit will also vary depending on factors that affect the intensity of a person’s tremor at any given moment. These factors may include the use of medications, amount of sleep, degree of stress, intensity of exercise, etc.

How effective is Liftware Steady?

Liftware Steady has been shown to be effective in an eleven-patient clinical study. During the study, eleven subjects with essential tremor performed three tasks — holding, eating, and transferring objects. When the technology used in Liftware Steady was turned on, tremor amplitude was reduced by an average of 72% in the holding task, 76% in the eating task, and 71% in the transferring task. These statistically significant results suggest that Steady is likely to make eating easier for people with hand tremor. The study was peer reviewed and published here:

"A noninvasive handheld assistive device to accommodate essential tremor." Pathak, et al. Movement Disorders, vol 29:6 (May 2014).

However, please note that Liftware Steady may not be for everyone, and works most effectively for people with mild to moderate (between 4 and 12 Hz) postural, intentional tremor in the upper limbs.

Is Liftware Steady safe to use?

The stabilizing handle and utensil attachments contain small magnets similar in strength to ordinary household magnets. If you have a cardiac pacemaker or other implantable medical electronic device, follow your device’s directions for use regarding magnets. The standard recommendation is to keep your implantable device at least 6 inches from Liftware Steady because it contains small magnets. If you have concerns about your implantable device, consult your healthcare provider.

There are no other known risks associated with the use of Liftware Steady. There are also no contraindications for people using medications to treat their tremor, or for people who have undergone Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery.

Where can I view the user guide?

Check the back of your Liftware Steady handle to see if you have Model 1.0, Model 2.0 or Model 2.1, then click to see the user guide for Model 1.0Model 2.0 or Model 2.1, as applicable. Please note, Steady was previously marketed as “Liftware.”

How do I clean Liftware Steady? Is it water resistant?

To clean Liftware Steady, first detach the attachment (such as the spoon attachment or the fork attachment) from the stabilizing handle.

The attachment can be washed by hand with water or in the dishwasher, as you would with other kitchenware.

The stabilizing handle can be wiped down with a damp sponge with mild detergent. Antibacterial wipes and other antibacterial products are also great for disinfecting the device. Never submerge the handle or the charger, hold it under running water, or place it in the dishwasher.

How do I charge Liftware Steady?

To charge Liftware Steady, disconnect any attachments (e.g. the spoon attachment or the fork attachment) from the stabilizing handle, then place the stabilizing handle in the charging cradle. Make sure the charging cradle is connected to a powered USB port using the provided cable. It takes up to three hours to fully charge the stabilizing handle.

For chargers shipped on or after December 2, 2014 (model number marked underneath the charger cradle): The LED blinks while charging and glows solid white when fully charged.

For chargers shipped before December 2, 2014 (no text printed underneath the charging cradle): The LED glows while the handle is charging, and turns off when the handle is fully charged. If the light doesn't turn on, that means your handle has a full charge.

How long does the battery last?

Battery lasts for at least one hour of continuous use (approximately 3 meals) on a single charge.

Does the Liftware Steady charger work outside of Canada?

The charger is a world-voltage power adapter (100/240 V) that plugs into a North American wall plug. To use the charger outside North America, you can:

- Use an international travel adapter and plug the charger into the adapter- Or plug the USB cable directly into a computer- Or plug the USB cable into a USB wall adapter designed for that country

Any other tips for using Steady?

Since anxiety can increase tremor, it might help to try out Liftware Steady for the first time privately, without others watching. In general, it may also take a few days to get used to using Liftware Steady, so give yourself some time when you first get started.- Don't brace the hand that's holding the spoon. It's best if the hand is allowed to continue moving freely so that Liftware Steady can do the work of steadying the spoon.- It's normal for the spoon to move relative to the handle. This is normal and is a sign that Steady is working to counteract the tremor.- Try using Liftware Steady with a larger, shallower bowl to make scooping easier.- If you haven't, watch to see how it works.

What People are Saying

  • Eating more over all

    We have been testing Liftware Steady with one of our residents who has severe tremors with big positive results. This resident is happier eating and from what I have witnessed, is eating more over all. We will be testing the utensil on several other residents who will also benefit greatly from the utensil. Once we have exhausted our resident base for the spoon, we will be recommending it to our sister facilities and our head office in Ontario to try it with our hundreds of other residents who suffer from tremors.

    -Chase, Surrey BC

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